What We Offer...


Public Workshops


Private Workshops


Kids Day Workshops

Take a class for yourself or with a friend!

Public workshops will be open to others.

  • Find a project listed on our public workshops page.

  • select project on date scheduled

  • register for a seat 

You + your friends.  Private workshops will not be open to the public.  Great for family projects, team building, youth groups, birthday parties, ladies night out and so much more!

  • Pick a project you'd like to make from our project gallery 

  • pick a date

  • Reserve your date with private party fee

  • Once PAID you will receive a link to your workshop that you can send to guest.  

  • invite your friends & they can register on-line

*For project ONLY parties Guests 8+ or more    there is a $10 fee to reserve your date.


*For project ONLY parties Guests 6 or less   

there is a $25 fee to reserve your date.

*For event parties which may include you bringing decorations, food and beverages, cake, presents, etc there is a $50 fee which will reserve your party.  Guests 8+ or more.

Great for kids of ALL ages!  Unleash creativity and family fun right here in Merced.

  • Projects as low as $5

  • no registration necessary 

  • several projects to choose from

  • do one or do them all

Open Paint

Perfect for those who need flexibility.  Open Paint allow you to come and DiY without registration.  Designs are limited to availability and vary.

  • walk-in's welcome

  • several projects available


  • All our supplies are pre-cut and purchased specifically for each workshop. Registration must be submitted at least 3 days before the workshop and registration fees are non-refundable.

  • Most projects are made with wood so you may have random cracks, chips, knots and other blemishes. Your sign may have slight bleeding or wood peeling.

  • Prices vary based on project.  Please note that HOOKS, PERSONALIZATION, GLITTER, GEMS AND OTHER ACCESSORIES added to your project may have an additional charge.

  • You are welcome to bring your own snacks or beverages to enjoy while you DiY with us!  You MUST be 21 and over to consume alcoholic beverages.